Citizens Expect a 30 Min Response for Minor Crashes
If That Can't Happen, They Want to Go Digital
Officer shortages and understaffing are up, but citizens believe it should take officers less than 30 minutes to respond to a minor crash. If an agency can't send an officer, they want to exchange digitally.

That’s according to the “What Citizens Want” survey issued by CARFAX for Police. The nationwide survey gauged citizen sentiment about call-for-service response times when involved in minor crashes, and preferred method of exchanging information.

When it comes to minor, non-reportable crashes, a full 99 percent of respondents believe it should take less than 30 minutes for on-scene response, while 82 percent were willing to wait no longer than 30 minutes. However, if an agency can’t send someone to the scene, citizens’ number-one preference is digital exchange of information via a link sent directly from the agency to involved parties while still on scene. Digital exchange also ranked number one for convenience and effective use of police resources.

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