Live Webinar: Investigating Trends: Catalytic Converter Theft

Hosted by Lt. Michael Ledoux (Ret.) of CARFAX for Police


June 07, 2022 at 1 PM ET


Join Carfax for Police and a panel of experts for a collaborative session on catalytic converter theft trends and solutions. The panel will cover the scope of the nationwide crisis, the vehicles most targeted for catalytic converter theft, best practices for marking programs, and provide real world case studies. 

Panelists include:  

  • Tom Burke, Auto Crime School Director & Instructor, New York Police Department 
  • Sergeant Matt Casavant, Maine State Police
  • Brandon Eldridge, Special Agent, National Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Sr. Trooper Robert Ivey, Criminal Investigator, Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence, Florida Highway Patrol - Troop Q
  • Lt. Michael Ledoux (Retired), CARFAX for Police Business Development Director and IACP Vehicle Crimes Committee 
  • Rusty Russell, Special Agent, National Insurance Crime Bureau

Learn how to:

  • Identify most targeted vehicles in each region
  • Implement a marking program in your community
  • Leverage resources for prevention 
  • Resolve cases 
About CARFAX for Police Investigating Trends Series

The Investigating Trends Series creates an essential networking platform for investigators to learn the latest research, policy, legal perspective, and solutions from panels of top experts in the field and on the front lines.

Registration for the virtual series is available to law enforcement and aligned professionals only. Credentials are required.


Lt. Michael Ledoux (Ret.)