Tune in for an exclusive webinar for the Atlanta Police Department.  We'll discuss the CARFAX for Police Investigative Tools in depth, and explain why nearly 5,000 agencies across the country are leveraging 24+ Billion pieces of CARFAX vehicle data to solve crimes like burglary, hit-and-run, theft, and even homicide, at zero cost to their agency!


CARFAX for Police Accident Report Distribution
Leverage our 24/7 accident report distribution platform, CRASHDOCS.org, so your citizens and insurance companies can access reports without having to make a trip to the office.
The CARFAX for Police Investigative Tools
Learn how unique, custom-made tools like National Partial Plate Search, VIN Alert, High Mileage Alert and more can help solve crimes. You'll also gain access to unlimited CARFAX Vehicle History Reports when you partner with CARFAX.
CARFAX for Police Crash Center
Use this database to look up detailed information on any accident report that CARFAX has on file.
The CARFAX for Police Mobile App
Available via the App Store and Google Play, this convenient app allows you to access every piece of the CARFAX for Police program from the convenience of your mobile device.
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CARFAX for Police Atlanta Webinar
Tuesday, August 4th at 11 AM Eastern
Hosted by Lt. Michael S. Ledoux (Ret.) of CARFAX for Police
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